Process to Petition to Serve

I believe no one should enter a service relationship without a lot of thought and preparation. To that end, I expect this process to be followed if you wish to petition to serve me.

1. Complete the application to serve. This application gives me basic information about you and your desires.

I am both a FemDomme and a Fin Domme. Ultimately, I believe that if you do not value my ownership with an offering of service or tribute, then you are not the right servant for me. It's called a power EXCHANGE. I will not stroke your fantasies without having my needs met as well.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are applying as a financial servant and include an amount on the application for the initial tribute, you will receive only cursory communication from me until the initial tribute is made. I have been burned too many times by those who want my attention but do not value it.

2. Review my Protocols and Expections
Be sure to read them thoroughly and feel free to ask any questions you might have.

3. Submit your Negotiation Document
This is a requirement from my Protocols and Expectations. You may prepare your own document and email it or use the form I have created.

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