Thursday, May 2, 2013

Willful Disobedience

There are few things that will aggravate me as much or as quickly as willful disobedience. The moment when a servant makes a conscious decision that he will NOT do something I have asked him to do is the moment when that servant has made a conscious decision to be punished or to end our relationship.

I am not unreasonable. I do not set servants up for failure. If a servant is having problems completing a task, he may come to me, tell me what is going on and request a change in the task or permission to not complete the task. At that point I may request that the servant give the task another try or I may grant their request. Either way, I have already begun considering how to adjust the task to better meet your abilities.

What I will not accept is anything resembling you telling me you will not do something. As my servant, that is NOT your decision. It is mine. Your job is to be obedient and keep to my protocols. The first protocol is to keep me informed. That doesn't mean you inform me that you will or will not be obedient. It means asking for help or clemency.

I value Honor, Integrity, Service and Ruthless Obedience in all servants. Willful disobedience is none of those things and will not be tolerated.

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