Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Stressing the Details

I got a message from the online bit I've been working with for a couple of weeks. He began as a financial servant but told me he wanted more structure and wanted to be trained as I train my other servants. To that end, I assigned the most basic task I set my servants.
I am a firm believer in repetition and so I employ Write For Me as a tool to help servants learn not only the protocols by which I expect them to live, but also patience, perseverance, and attention to detail.
When this servant began his training, we discussed the difficulty he was having with the tasks. Some of the difficulty comes from English not being his primary language, but I am convinced that a majority of the issue is an unwillingness to simply push forward and keep trying, no matter how difficult the task seems. I understand that when English is not a person's primary language that writing a paragraph might be difficult, but I do not see that copying a line from the screen in front of you should be an impossible task.
And so I am left with two dilemmas. The first is how to adjust the tasks so the servant is successful. I have attempted several modifications, but as of today, the servant has abruptly given up and expected that to be an acceptable answer.
The second is how harshly to punish the servant for the nature of his refusal to complete the tasks. Regardless of the frustration he might be feeling, the manner in which he expressed that frustration was inappropriate.
And so I am left to ponder and consider. Refusal to learn and lack of obedience are big issues for me. If you aren't willing to try and tell me how things are going to be rather than doing what you've been told, we have issues. Issues I will solve.

As a follow up to the Stressing the Details post, I have devised this punishment for the servant in question.
The punishment for your behavior is as follows:
1. You will hand write the tasks you refused to complete, in English, and then take photographs and send them to me. That means that if you were to type the lines 10 times each, you will hand-write them 10 times each. I expect the handwriting to be neat and legible.
2. You will pay a penalty for your bad behavior equal to 25% of your free income for the next eight weeks. That means if after your bills you have $100 remaining, you will send $25 of that to me. You wanted financial servitude and control. You will get it.
3. You will write a formal apology to me in which you apologize for your behavior and indicate how you will prevent a situation such as this from arising again.

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