Thursday, May 2, 2013

PenPal Slave

No, you read that right PEN, not PAY pal slave :).

I was talking with a couple of other Dommes and we got on the subject of how sexy the written word can be. It made me remember a conversation I had with an owned submissive about how he and his mistress interact. He sends his tribute via snail mail, along with the written tasks she has assigned. He includes a self-addressed, stamped envelope for her to return with his next set of tasks.

I think that is incredibly sexy! First, it requires a certain level of dedication to hand-write a letter or a task. Dedication that is not as easily apparent in online tasks. Second, it shows a level of committment and connection that online interaction is sometimes missing. Not only must the servant get the cash from the bank, as opposed to clicking online to make their tribute, they must also protect it so it is not discovered and stolen in the mail. Then they must go to the post office and mail it.

I really like this idea. I would love to find a servant interested in this type of service. Someone who recognizes the value in the written word. Someone who enjoys good stationary. Someone willing to put the time and effort into making their tribute and sending their tasks. In short, someone with the dedication and desire for connection that I find so sexy about this method of service.

Any takers?

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