Friday, May 10, 2013

Nutt the Fuck Up

If the title of this post wasn't clue enough let me dismiss any question you might have. Yes, this is a rant. 

I began my journey on the right side of the slash. I was once paid the ultimate compliment as a servant when the owner of Viola Johnson, probably the single most awesome slave I have ever had the joy to meet, told me that were I not straight, she would want to own me. 

I was not perfect, but I was dedicated and worked hard to bring joy to the lives of those I served. I didn't love every task but every task was done out of love for the owner and for service. I gave everything because I believed the ones I served deserved only the best. 

Over time, I have transitioned to the left side of the slash and I must admit to a certain amount if frustration with those who claim to want to serve. Where is the dedication? Where is the pride, not just in service, but in representing the one you serve? Where is the belief that the one you serve deserves only the best?

I am careful to consider tasks and objectives set for servants and to balance what I want with what works in the lives of those who serve. Because I do this, I do not expect to have to argue to get what I want. In fact, I refuse to argue. 

Ruthless obedience means doing it even if you don't want to. It means bringing your concerns to me and trusting that I have considered them when I insist something still be done and then doing it.  It means NUTT THE FUCK UP and put aside your discomfort in order to be obedient and of service. 

I can't tell you how many times I was tired or uncomfortable or in pain or depressed and yet I was still available to serve. You pull your shit together, trust the one you serve, and do what you are told. Period. 

If you can't do that--If you can't trust me to keep your best interest at heart despite a task being something not to your liking, then you probably shouldn't be serving me. It really is that simple. 

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