Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I've been quieter

I've been quieter than usual this last week. I've been dealing with something very hard and painful with my real-time boy and I don't know how to proceed at this point.

Instead of coming to me when a personal issue arose in his life, the boy has entirely stopped communicating. Not only is this extremely painful for me, it also violates my number one protocol--"Keep me Informed."

Honestly I don't which is more painful, the withdrawal or the violation. I need contact with those who serve me. I cannot be a good or effective owner if don't know what's going on. If a servant stops talking to me, he removes from me the ability to be the owner.

I'm willing to work this out with him, but the longer he remains silent, the longer it is going to take for me to learn to trust him again. The fact that he's leaving the country for three weeks at the end of this week, isn't going to make this any easier.

So if I've been quieter or more withdrawn or even more aggressive  please understand that the reason behind it is that my heart is breaking and I'm trying to figure out how to being to heal it.

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