Friday, May 3, 2013

I am NOT Dial-A-Domme!

What is the difference between paying for dominant services and offering tribute you ask? Let me 'splain...

If you pay for a block of my time, I am happy to help fulfill your fantasies. I will let you tell me what you like and we can go in that direction. Know that you will pay dearly for this privilege as it gives you the opportunity to express your wants and desires.

If you wish to gain my attention and my time on an ongoing basis, you will freely offer tribute and demonstrate what value you place on my time and dominance. You may receive personal attention from me, or not, at MY pleasure.

Either way, you must show me that you value my time and my dominance. I am not Dial-A-Domme for free. If you are just looking for wank material, there are free sites out there that will be happy to oblige. I, however, value myself, my time and my dominance far more highly than that.

If you want my attention, prove to me that YOU are worth it and we may talk.

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