Friday, April 12, 2013

Why I Enjoy Enforcing Chastity

From my experience, both in and out of the Kink Communities, I have seen that for the most part, men are driven by their penises. These bits of flesh draw men toward women and make them act foolishly. Throughout their lives, men are taught by our society that this tiny bit of flesh makes them superior to women and that anything which brings that flesh pleasure should be given to them without hesitation.

It is this concept of immediate pleasure and gratification which makes enforcing chastity so delicious to me. First, putting a man into chastity, be it with a device or via their submission to my will, takes away their ability to spend all day, every day, seeking pleasure for that piece of flesh. It forces the man to focus on bringing ME pleasure in the hopes that I might allow that flesh to have pleasure.

Second, chastity makes a man live with the thought of pleasure without the release of it. How many women live their lives this way from birth to death? I think it's time for men to learn what it is like to see someone else get what they want so desperately (but that could be the sadist in me talking).

Shifting a servant's focus from pleasure seeking for his penis to pleasure seeking for me is central to changing the attitude of a servant who has spent his entire life focused on his own pleasure. While in a perfect world I would love to believe that servants serve because they want to please, I know that a little more extrinsic motivation is needed, and especially with men.

While a man in chastity might have his thoughts focused on his penis and how much he might want release, he will soon find that focus shifted to what pleasure can he bring to me that will bring about that release. He will look for service opportunities rather than looking for ways to get his dick wet. Chastity and any type of release from extended chastity, can easily become a type of Pavlovian conditioning.

Servants who want pleasure for themselves will quickly realize that when I am happy, they are rewarded more quickly for good service. I like to reward, though release from chastity is not an easily earned reward.

Ultimately, my view on enforcing chastity seems to boil down to this. If you are mine, you've given me all parts of yourself, including your pleasure. It has become something with which I can exercise my control and sadism. I will use it as a tool and enjoy the results, so give it to me with care.

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