Monday, April 29, 2013

Why are you polite?

I was talking with a prospective servant yesterday and he said the strangest thing to me. He decided I was the wrong Domme for him because I said please and thank you. Now I understand that each person comes to what we do with their own fetishes and peccadillos, but really? I'm too polite? And then I started thinking about it and realized there are actually two reasons I am polite to those who approach me.

The first is pretty simple. I'm a polite person. My mother raised me right. I say please and thank you because you should. I use sir and ma'am to address people I don't know because you should (not that I use those terms with petitioners, but you get the idea). I find good manners sexy, as sexy as good grammar, so why wouldn't I use them?

The second reason is just as simple to me, but perhaps more difficult for a prospective servant to understand. I don't play with what isn't mine. I'm not going to curse at you or humiliate you until we have struck an agreement of service between us. I know the game, boys. You want me to carry on and humiliate you to get your "fix" and then you'll disappear into the ether without having offered a single service or tribute. Here's a tip for you, if you think that game with work with me...I'm smarter than you are.

In addition to these two reasons for my general politeness, there is one other aspect of my personality that might lead a prospective servant to believe I'm "too nice" for them. I care about those who serve me and I refuse to demand or ask for tribute. If you want to serve me, you will be of service or offer tribute of your own free will unless and until we have a contract of servitude between us, at which point your free will is no longer free. I will also not allow you to tribute beyond your means. If you can't keep food on the table and a roof over your head, you can't tribute or serve me.

I have a bit who tributes only $50 per week. He receives the same level of care and attention as my boy who offers not only more in tribute, but personal service as well. It isn't all about the money. It IS all about the service and the pleasure your service brings me.

So be forewarned. I'm really a nice person. At least until I have consent from you. At that time, all bets are off and my sadist will come out to play.

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