Sunday, April 28, 2013

What I Really Want

It's funny how what you think you want isn't really what your heart and soul want for you. Sometimes there are simply places in your heart which need to be filled in a certain way. I'm a believer in polyamory because I feel that no one person will fulfill every need of another. Put simply, I don't go to the dentist when I have a broken arm. Why would I go to my boy when it is my financial domination fetish which needs to be scratched.

I've found a boy who is kind, gentle, and attentive. He is aware of me in a way no other man ever has been. He makes me smile at the same time he makes me want to do bad things (because he wants to suffer for me). I want to make him a part of my life and I am forced by circumstance and his cooler head to acknowledge that diving in, head-first, may not be the best way to build what I know will be an amazing relationship and power exchange.

My boy fills so many places in my life and I am so grateful he is there. But there are still places left open by either our power exchange structure or other limitations. I would still like to fill those places.

I still enjoy the financial domination fetish and while there is a level of that in my relationship with my boy, I would like to find one or two financial servants to fill that need. I want to have a personal connection with these servants and so I don't want a lot of one-off or temporary servants in this area. I want these servants to truly gain pleasure from sharing with me their fetish for spoiling a dominant woman. I want them to want to give to me and to share with me their other fantasies so I can help them fulfill those as well. I am a well-rounded sadist and if you give me just the slightest entry into you mind and fantasies, I will find wonderful places for us to play.

In short, I want to find the kind of servant who lives to serve and enjoys service rather than one seeking someone who will make them serve...who wants to be forced or imagines they are being forced.

And so I lurk on Findoms...posting my thoughts like these so the servants can get to know me. I might perv a profile or three. I may even message a few servants and talk about what is in their profiles. I chat with several servants because I enjoy their discourse. What you won't see me doing is pursuing servants or demanding tributes. I may put out a post that I am seeking something, or offer up my web app or call link, but know that those are possibilities, not demands.

So if you are interested in the kind of service I have described, or you just want to share some interesting and intellectual conversation, feel free to message me. I promise you will find in me a different kind of dominant woman. One who will value you and your service all the more for your strength and intelligence. One who will enjoy your sense of humor anyone who will bring you to your knees and let you beg to stay there.

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