Thursday, April 25, 2013

Tasks, Communication, and Whatnot

I rarely do anything without a specific purpose in mind. It is a habit drilled into me from teaching for more than a decade. While the student, or servant, may not immediately see the value in the task they have been set, I know that ultimately they will be grateful for what I have demanded they do. I can't tell you how many times as the last week of class rolled around students came to me and said, "Oh! Now I see why we did that assignment in week 2!"

With servants, I think the process is longer and so the payoff seems so distant as to be nonexistent. Of course, I do believe there should be a certain level of pleasure gained from completing a task because I said it should be done, but I'm a realist and my servant s are human. I realize that sometimes they need better motivation. While I may not state the possible rewards for good work, I know what they are and I do keep track. Those who do their tasks are rewarded. Those who do not are punished.

What I really don't understand is the servant who doesn't complete the tasks they are set and then asks for permission to do something that would have been an appropriate reward had they completed the tasks. Do not ask for pleasure when you have not completed tasks. Not only will you be told, "No," but your punishment will likely be harsher because you've aggravated me with the attitude that you should be rewarded despite your failure.

I had a talk with my online bit about the tasks he wasn't completing and we decided the tasks had to be altered in order for them to be attainable. I altered them and he successfully completed the task a few moments later. My first protocol is to Keep Me Informed. If the servant doesn't complete a task because it cannot do it, but does not tell me, I don't know to change the task to make the task doable. I am not setting my servants up for failure intentionally but I will not accept responsibility for their failure if they do not keep me informed.

Ultimately I know the value in the tasks I've set and since it is my job and responsibility to structure the relationship, I will allow no argument from servants regarding their tasks and my expectations. I will adjust tasks if necessary, but the task is still important and must be completed. Period.

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