Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sissy Chat

Some of you may wonder what goes on when I talk with or chat with those who are worth my time and attention. I thought it might be fun to share the chat I had with a sissy last night. This chat went on over nearly an hour. If, after reading this, you decide you'd like to experience the same kind of personal attention and fun, you may purchase text messages for this kind of use.
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MI:Or perhaps just the mention of ass up, skirt over your hips, panties down to your thighs and my hand grasping your balls as I fuck your ass would do it

sissy: Had to pee. Walmart is open. But only Vic Sec for my princess.

MI: Aww is that what you call my sissy cock?

sissy: Would u grasp my balls while taking my ass? If so I am very sensitive with my balls. That gets me so bothered.

MI: Oh yes. I might even bite your ass while pulling your balls and pressing a plug harder into your ass

sissy: No I call u princess in that message. Meaning only the best panties for you. I would want you to pick them out as reward for me cumming. I call sissy cock. Simply call him sissy. Unless u have better name.
Dang. Yummy.

MI:Are you getting hard again?

sissy: Wouldn't u rather pick panties instead of me buying them

MI: Ultimately, yes
But I want to tease you until you can't help but pay the penalty. All alone in that house. Visions of me breaking your virgin ass in the dressing room at Priscilla's

sissy: I might get u a thong. And u not like it. Yes I am getting a lil hard again.
I want virginity taken at Priscilla's.

MI: I can mark my sissy, right?  I love to bite
Bend you over in the dressing room
Shove the plug in your mouth to get it good and wet
Force my knee between your thighs
Spread your cheeks

sissy: Please come use this sissy now. U can fuck my sissy ass on beach at night. Skirt and thong on.
I can be marked.

MI: Breathe hot against your skin
Teeth sinking sharply into the curve of your ass cheek
Cold drop of lube slipping down the crack of your ass

sissy: So sexy.
I'm hard!
Come fuck my ass!

MI: My hand in front of your face for you to give me the plug

sissy: On the beach. Or on the pier overlooking waterway

MI: What's your penalty sissy? Make the commitment now...before I finish this for you

sissy: Buy you undies.
What size u need? Or want? What style?

MI: Lol. Detail details.
The silicon is warm from your mouth

sissy: I want to buy us matching undies. I want to get you boyshorts (since u like them) I will get me whatever u want me to get.

MI: I thrust my knee harder into your crotch

sissy: Ouch.

MI: Nudging your balls
The lock on your cage rattles

sissy: It needs a bell on cage

MI: The tip of the plug slides over your asshole

sissy: My god!
So hot!
This make u hot also?

MI: Yes

sissy: Come fuck me ma'am
Does it make u wet thinking up this stuff?

MI:Yes it does
The plug slides over and over your asshole
You feel it lining up a
MI:nd beginning to press forward

sissy: Ouch

MI: Take a deep breath I whisper

sissy: Sent u a video... Of me playing.
I take a deep breath.

MI: And let it out when I tell you
Out...the plug presses hard forward as you breathe out

sissy: Yummy

MI: And slips past the ring and into your ass

sissy: I tell u that's your ass and do as u want with it

MI: My hand cups under you so my nails can scratch at your balls as I seat the plug

sissy: Yummy
My balls are big.

MI: I tap your balls, pull back on the plug and shove it fully in

sissy: Mmmmmm
Feels good
Get my video?

MI: Yes

sissy: Like?

MI: Do you want to send me another of my choosing?

sissy: I need you now!

MI: Cum on camera into your hand then lick your hand clean

sissy: I can do that when I cum.
I wanna hear more story.

MI: I slap your ass, being sure to catch the base of the plug with each strike
One, two, three, four, five

sissy: Yummy. Nice spankings

MI: Each hit sends a shock wave up your sissy cunt from the plug

sissy: Yum. Think I love u!

MI: I like the little mewling moans you make

sissy: I would be moaning like a true sissy.

MI: Pull up your panties sissy and don't let that plug slip out if that sissy cunt while we walk to the car

sissy: Ok. Panties or thong?
What else would I be wearing?

MI: Thong

sissy: That's what I wear alot
I won't let it skip out.

MI: Good. They show cum stains nicely
Turn and face me

sissy: Yes they do.
Yes ma'am.

MI: I grasp your balls with my nails

And pull up until you are on your toes.

sissy: Damn.
Nice nails!
I'm on toes.

MI: Natural and VERY sharp

sissy: Look like it

MI: I pull until you step forward into my outstretched hand. I push your chest back and pull on those big balls
Whose sissy cunt is stuffed full

They are big balls.
Mine is stuffed full ma'am

MI: I press my knee between your thighs. WHOSE sissy cunt is it?

sissy: And I love it stuffed!
It's your sissy cunt and only yours

MI: And if that plug falls out, what are you going to do?

sissy: Pick it up with my mouth.

MI:And it will stay in your mouth until I'm ready stuff your sissy cunt again.
Even if it falls out in the restaurant

sissy: I will get on my knees and pick it up with teeth. My thong will be showing as I am bent over.

MI: Now pull up your pants but don't button then or close your fly

sissy: It's your cunt and cock
Ok. Pull up my pants

MI: Roll your shirt so it lays at the top of your waist band and clasp your hands behind your back

sissy: Yes ma'am

MI: Unless you want to be arrested only the top of your thong will show as you follow me out of the dressing room

sissy: Ok.

MI: Of course I could just ask if the clerks want to fuck your newly broken sissy cunt with the biggest dildo in the shop

sissy: Mmmm. Nice

MI: Or maybe the fist

sissy: Mommy

MI: Spread that newly broken cunt open wide

sissy: Mmmmm. Not mommy. Stupid spellcheck
Spread it wide.

MI: So later I could play quarters with it
Feel the plug slipping
Be thankful for the thong and pants
When you sit in the car, the plug is forced fully into your ass again
Push your pants down around your thighs sissy

sissy: Don't slip out is what I say

MI: Spread your ass cheeks so the plug is touching the seat

sissy: I'm thankful for thong and pants.
I slide pants down in car.

MI: Feel the vibration as I start the mustang

sissy: I spread cheeks wide open.
Love the vibrations.

MI: The ridge at the top of the parking lot slams the plug home as we bounce over it

sissy: Mmmmm

MI: More pretty mewling and moaning

sissy: I tell u I love that feeling

MI: I reach past the stick shift and slap your cage

sissy: Oh god. So sexy!

MI: The mustang purrs and I slap your cage in time with the song on the radio

sissy: Yummy.
So hot!

MI: Every bump on the road slams that plug into your sissy cunt

sissy: Hopefully a fast song on radio.
Love feeling it slammed in sissy cunt

MI: We arrive at the restaurant
Pull up your pants and come around to get my door

sissy: I open door for u
LOL great minds think alike

MI: I accept  your hand and use it to turn you so I can thrust your body against the side of the car
I shove my knee into your cage and grind my hips against you
I bite your neck, leaving a red mark
Be a good girl and get us a nice table while I wash my hands

sissy: Nice
Love hip grinding
I will get us nice table.

MI: And I need to go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow

sissy: No...
Almost there.

MI: Are you?
Please what?

sissy: Yes. I told u it takes me awhile
Yes ma'am
Please ma'am make sissy cum

MI: I'd bend you over the hood of my beautiful girl and hump that sissy cunt

sissy: Or a pic would work. JK especially if u have made panties wet. Love to lick wetness out of them.

MI: Feel my hips grind against your ass, pressing the plug in deep and hard

sissy: Nice car. I can see chastity cock dangling over mustang emblem and legs spread wide ope with skirt lifted

MI: And my lady cock fucking your ass hard and fast

sissy: I would be lucky sissy to ride in that.
Please fuck me hard and fast.

MI: Deep thrusts with my nails latched tightly into your hops

sissy: If my cousins won't here I would love to hear your voice. I can't talk loud they have to do yard work early am for me.
Damn. Fuck my sissy ass!

MI: Don't you dare scratch my beautiful girl with that cage

sissy: No way ma'am.

MI: MY sissy cunt is reamed wide

sissy: Yes it is.
Can u call and just talk to me. I can't talk back though. Cousins are asleep.
I would cum in 2 minutes

MI: Until your feet slip

sissy: I buy two pairs of panties for u

MI: Nope nope
Are you going to go to bed frustrated sissy?

sissy: Not even walk outside briefly?
Promise 2 min or less

MI: Definitely not

sissy: I don't want to... But I am hard to cum.
I'm not a minute man.
I'm right there.

MI: Then do it for me. Cum for me sissy it might be the last time I let you

sissy: What would u be wearing out when we meet?

MI: Purple dress red lace boy shorts

sissy: I wanna cum for u
Would I see up dress?

MI: No stockings red satin bra

sissy: I love sucking breast!

MI: Only a peek when I get in the car

sissy: Damn, so hot.

MI: Do it, you sissy wanker

sissy: Wouldn't let me run u any?

MI: Cum for me

sissy: Rub
Keep writing.

MI: I'm going to bed sissy. You need to cum in the next two minutes or not at all

sissy: I love panty peeks
I will

MI: The dress is short enough
And I might lift it to sit on the seat and not the dress

sissy: I came

MI: But did you film and eat it?

sissy: Oh shit

MI: Such a bad girl

sissy: I was multi tasking but not enough
So very sorry

MI: I'll think of a punishment. Remember. Negotiation document. And I'd  like a text when you get up each day and before you go to bed each night

sissy: I am a bad girl.
I will text you tomorrow. I will be sleeping in.
Have a good night.

MI: Must be nice

sissy: Sleep great

MI: I do hope you eventually intend to spoil me for being do nice and giving up My full nights sleep.
Sleep well sissy

sissy: I will spoil u.
Sleep well ma'am

MI: You too sissy

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