Friday, April 5, 2013

Reward or Punishment

I prefer reward over punishment when dealing with servants, because I am a proponent of self-accountability and ruthless obedience. If a servant acts out of an internal desire to be obedient, then regardless of the outcome of the task, there has been no failure.

I believe that a servant should want to be pleasing because they wish to be based on their own self-motivation to serve, not because they fear punishment. I want a servant who completes a task because they know doing so will be a pleasant experience for us both, not because they fear my reaction to failure.

Punishment-seeking behavior is unattractive to me. Those who serve me know that my attention is theirs for the asking. Be pleasing, be pleasant and most of all be obedient and I will pay attention to you and your needs and desires. A happy servant is a joy to have near. One who is resentful is not.

That is not to say I will not punish a servant. I absolutely will. Failure to commit to your best (as opposed to failing a task because of things which are out of a servant's control) is swiftly punished. Lack of manners or respect for your station and mine will be punished as well. Repeated infractions will result in first harsher punishment and ultimately release.

Let me reward you instead. Let me revel in the joy of well-executed and ruthless obedience. Let me beam with pride when I call you mine and we will be happier in our power exchange.

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