Tuesday, April 30, 2013

May Worship Board Contest

A Worship Board is a visualization tool for servants, slaves and submissives. It is a representation of the servant's core values of service and worship. It can serve as a focal point for distance servants as well.

The Contest

Create a Worship Board using images that represent service to you. The board can be focused on serving me or service in general.

Submit the board to me by emailing a photo of your board to me at mistress_isa@outlook.com .

Your submission must be accompanied by a tribute. Amazon Gift Cards may be sent to the same email address.

The Worship Board I find most appealing and most representative of my core values of honor, integrity, and service will win a 1/2 hour Skype or TeamViewer Session with me.

All submissions will be posted to a gallery on my website. Winners will be chosen on May 31 and announced on June 1.

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