Friday, April 26, 2013

It's a Power EXCHANGE, not fantasy fulfillment

I feel I need to be clear and explain my position on power exchange relationships.

They are power EXCHANGE relationships. That means, ultimately, that we both need to get something valuable from our interactions. It doesn't mean I want your money or your body. Nor does it mean I would turn down either. What it means is that there must be a realistic exchange of value for time and effort in the relationship.

If you are close enough to serve me personally, I'm a sadist and I would enjoy taking out my demons on your body. I might enjoy any skills you have in massage or personal care as well. In return, you get personal time with me and the types of training we negotiate. I am not likely to be interested in sexual service as I am VERY picky about who touches my body at all, let alone intimately. Besides, what you think you can do with your tongue or your cock holds far less value to me than you think it should.

If you are not close enough to serve me personally, I will expect you to be able to provide some type of service in exchange for my time and attention. Be it tribute or your skills at web-building, or some other skill you can share from a distance, you will be expected to offer me such things. I will not demand this, but I also will not spend time and give you my attention if all you are going to do is act out your fantasies on webcam. Watching you wank your dick does little for me. You need to offer me something that makes watching you wank your dick interesting.

If you think you are going to "wow" me with your ability to eat your own cum or whatever little fantasy reel you have rolling in your mind, let me tell you now that you won't. If you think I'm going to devote the kind of time I offer my personal servants to you for nothing in exchange, let me tell you now that I won't. If you think you're going to trick me into humiliating you or stroking your fantasies, let me tell you now that you aren't nearly clever enough.

I know what I offer is valuable. I offer personal, one-on-one connection with my servants. I offer individually tailored training programs for my servants. I offer strict boundaries and expectations for my servants. I offer a high level of contact and care to my servants. I expect something of equal value in return from my servants: honor, integrity, obedience, and SERVICE.

If you don't think what I offer has value, why would you want to serve me?

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