Saturday, April 27, 2013

It's Exhausting

Warning! I am cranky and tired and venting. While the tone might be a little more harsh than usual, the core belief expressed here remains true.

To all the servants, submissives, slaves, sissies and otherwise right-side of the slash types who think being the one in charge is easy, I just want to say, "I call bullshit!"
I have spent all day today recovering from staying up too late last night to play with a sissy. Then I had to interact with my bit on his time zone (six hours ahead of mine), so I was up late with him and online with him throughout my day. Then I spent a lot of the day talking with a new possible only to have it confirmed that the person in question wanted fantasy fulfillment without having to foot the bill for it. Then the sissy chimed in, wanting more play. Then the other boy, who is expecting to be rewarded despite having failed to complete the tasks I have set for him during the week or the punishment assigned two days ago for failing to complete the tasks in the first place, is whining about being unable to cum, "get drunk until I [he] passes out," or anything else. Then I get home and the sissy is still screaming for attention and getting pissy because I wouldn't text while driving.
This is all on top of my day job work schedule. But the dominant has it easy, right? Just sitting back, eating bon-bons and being waited on hand and foot. Yeah...when that day happens, I'll let you all know.
Days like this are exactly why I limit the number of people in my life. I feel responsible for all who serve me or who are learning from me and so I dedicate time to them. There are only so many hours in a day and today there were not enough.
So if any of you reading this blog can see past the decidedly kvetching tone to the central issue (and I hope you can), I hope you will see what kind of investment we dominants put into the ones who serve us. If for a moment you believe that our ownership and dominance have no value, please reconsider. Imagine working a full-time teaching job where you were not paid and yet expected to put forth more effort each day and to tailor the curriculum to every individual in the classroom. If that was how you were treated, would you continue to go to work? Think of that the next time your wonder if the one you serve is worth the tribute you offer.

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