Monday, April 8, 2013

Honor and Commitment

My manner of domination is to request simple service and allow the servant to offer themselves, their service and tribute in their own time and manner. I do not demand tribute or gifts. I do not require them for all types of power exchange because there are other types of service I also find valuable.

However, if a servant offers a tribute, I expect them to follow through without reminders or prompting. It's a matter of honor and keeping your commitments. You have offered something to me of your own accord. What does it say about you if you then wait for me to remind you that you made the offer?

You've come to me to have a need met. You know who I am and what I offer as I have a complete profile and my blog speaks frankly about my desires and expectations. Unless you have chosen to be ignorant of who and what I am, you cannot claim I have tricked you in any way.

And so I say again, clearly and without prevarication, if you say you will do something, I will expect you to follow through. Failure to do so leads me to doubt your sincerity. Behave with honor and keep your commitments and we will get along much better.

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