Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Diabolical Punishment Contest

MissSpiderKiss and I are joining forces to torture and tease all the little masochists out there. We know how twisted many masochists can be and we love it! That's why we've designed this contest.

The Contest

Submit your idea for the most twisted and diabolical punishment you can think of. Make sure it is something you can and are willing to suffer!

Send your idea to us via this form.

Send an Amazon Gift Card Tribute to both mistressspiderkiss@gmail.com and mistress_isa@outlook.com. In order to be eligible for the contest, you must send a gift card tribute to BOTH mistresses.

The winning entry will be chosen based on the nature of the punishment and the pleasure inflicting it would bring to both MissSpiderKiss and Mistress Isa, so be creative boys!

The winner will receive a Joint Skype Session with Mistress Isa and MissSpiderKiss in which they will suffer the punishment they have devised.

All submissions will be posted to my website and the winner's punishment will be featured once it has been performed.

This contest will run monthly. Send submissions each month by the 14th. The winner will be chosen on the 15th. Winners have until the 30th to claim their prize session with MissSpiderKiss and Mistress Isa.

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