Monday, April 8, 2013

Chastity Black Jack Game

The game is simple. It's Black Jack with the following additional rules. The game will be played in a Skype group chat room so everyone can see the hands and bets. I will be the dealer.

$10 buy-in

Each player begins with one day on their chastity committment

For each point above or below the winning hand (no matter who wins the hand), the losers will add that many days to their chastity commitment

For each hand, players must bet by tributing additional amounts. For each one dollar bet, the winner will subtract one day from their chastity committment

All players must tribute $5 on a push (tie between dealer and players)

Buy in must be received before play begins. Bets must be paid prior to the beginning of the hand.

Buy-ins and bets must be made via amazon gift cards to or via Venmo to the same address.

At the end of the game, your chastity committment will be sent to you and monitored by Mistress Isa. If you choose, it can also be broadcast via my twitter and blog.

To start the game, send your buy-in gift card or payment, as well as your Skype ID, and I will send you my skype ID so we can start the game. If I am unavailable at the time you send your gift card, I will let you know when I will be available and give you the option of waiting or not.

Example Hands and Rules

Players begin with 1 day of Chastity and a $10 buy-in. Before the hand is dealt, players place their bets.

The cards are dealt resulting in these hands.

Player 1 has 15
Player 2 has 14 (two sevens) and can play that or split to play two hands. If they choose to play two hands, the player must bet an amount equal to their first bet before play continues.
Player 3 has 15

The dealer's hand is hidden.
Dealer must hit on 16 or below and stand on 17 or higher

Player 1 Hits and Busts with 25
Player 2 Splits (adds an additional $2 bet).
First hand is 18, player stands
Second hand is 22, player busts
Player 3 hits and stands with 17

Dealer has 19. Dealer wins

Player 1 adds 6 days to their chastity (25-19=6)
Player 2 adds 4 days to their chastity (19-18=1, 22-19=3)
Player 3 adds 2 days to their chastity (19-17=2)

If the game ends with a push (a hand that ties with the dealer) ALL  players pay a $5 penalty. Additional chastity days are added normally.

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