Sunday, April 28, 2013

But What do I Get For It?

I know some prospective servants ask the question, "what do I get for my tribute?" I want to address this question in two ways.

The first is the vocabulary lesson and more fantasy-like answer. A tribute is "a gift, testimonial, compliment, or the like, given as due or in acknowledgment of gratitude or esteem." What this means is that a servant has offered tribute because he or she feels the dominant is worthy and deserving. It is not an exchange for goods and services. A tribute is a demonstration of the honor of the servant and an indication of their esteem for the one they serve.

And that is the fantasy as well. That humans might be so driven by their honor, integrity, and esteem for another to altruistically offer tribute without an expectation of anything in return.

While I spend a considerable amount of time closer to the fantasy world than many vanilla folk might, I am, at heart, a realist. I know that most servants expect something in return for the tribute they offer and from me, they receive something we both value--my time and attention.

Those who serve me and regularly tribute receive varying degrees of attention and contact.
1. Those in service to me (I.e. under a contract with a regularly scheduled tribute) can reach me nearly 24/7 in their preferred method of contact. Most use Skype because I can take that with me during the day when I work.
2. Those who have tributed but are not in service to me usually contact me through the site where we met (I.e. Findoms) and find that I will chat with them freely through that method of contact.
3. Those who choose to schedule a certain type of session (teamviewer, Skype, phone, etc.) will receive my full attention for time of their session. I will often check in with these servants after their time has passed to ensure they are well and not suffering any ill effects of sub-drop.

Those who are in service to me also receive structure, boundaries, tasks, punishments and play. None of these are stunted upon and require a significant investment of time and attention on my part to ensure they are each receiving what they need to be happy, fulfilled servants.

What you will not receive from me in return for your tribute:
1. Cam "shows". I may talk to you on a video chat but I will remain clothed and you will not see more than me seated wherever I am at the time.
2. Nude photographs...don't ask, please.

And so if you are wondering if it is worthwhile to offer tribute to me (or someone like me-I am not so vain as to believe I am the only one doing things this way), consider the options you have. You can pour out your heart and soul, while emptying your wallet, to someone over a phone or cam line who will not remember your name five minutes after you disconnect or you can form a relationship with a Domme who sees you as a human being and will endeavor to create the kind of power exchange you need and desire to be happy in your true place in life. Either method will feed your desire to offer tribute, but which method will fulfill you as a servant?

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