Thursday, April 11, 2013

But Mistress, I forgot!

I know that a lot of times when we talk about the activities we engage in as part of our kinky natures, we call it "play." However, this is not a game to me. It is a way of living my life and if you have petitioned to serve me, you will be expected to live your life in a manner similar to mine.

I will set standards. These are not suggestions, they are goals to reach for, to strive for. I will set tasks and expectations and though they many be phrased as requests, they are not optional. Failure to strive for my standards or to complete the tasks I set for you will result in one of several outcomes for you.

If we are in negotiations when you choose not to complete tasks, negotiations will end and I will wish you well. If you do not demonstrate enough dedication to complete tasks in negotiation, I know you will not complete them in our relationship.

If we are engaged in a power exchange relationship when a task goes undone, there are a few possible outcomes. If the task was simply forgotten, you will be punished and the task will be completed. I will likely work on time management and organizational skills with you at that time as well to avoid the issue in the future.

If the task is not completed because you did not know how to do it and you did not ask for help or clarification, you will be punished for not bringing this issue to my attention and the task will be completed. The punishment will likely involve a task of repetition to help you remember that the only worthless question is the one which is unasked.

The final possibility is that you willfully chose not to complete the task. If this occurs, expect a severe punishment up to and including dismissal from my service. Willful disobedience is something I simply will not tolerate. If you disobey in an effort to garner negative attention (bratty behavior), you will find yourself summarily turned out of my service and my life.

But there is one scenario which I have not addressed, is there not? What if your simply cannot do the task? What then, you might ask. Again it depends on the reasoning behind your inability.

If you cannot complete the task because you find it frightening or distasteful, you have the option of saying so. I will then decide if I want to accept your reasoning and release you from the task or require that you finish it anyway. You are, of course, going to then decide if your fear or distaste is enough to stop you after we have discussed it. Then you may review the outcomes above based on your choice.

If you cannot complete the task because you have other obligations or issues that prevent you from doing so, you will come to me and tell me so. We will then discuss changes in my expectations to make way for these other obligations. This is real life, remember, not a game, and sometimes life intrudes. I understand that.

If you cannot complete the task because you do not know how, say so. Ignorance is not a crime. I will help you learn and we will accomplish the task together if need be.

The first protocol I have is to keep me informed. It is first because communication and sharing information, not just pleasantries, is what makes power exchange relationships successful. If I don't know something, be it other obligations you have or health limitations, how can I behave as a responsible owner and protect my property? Do not take it upon yourself to choose what I will know and how I will react to information. Instead, be transparent with me...tell me everything and ensure me the right to act in your best interest as my servant.

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