Tuesday, April 9, 2013

But I Would Be Perfect for You

I received this in response to my request that the servant complete my application:

"Sorry I can do it in person but can't go to web sites sorry. I would be perfect for you. "

Now understand first that my application is FREE. It's a test of simple service and obedience and it gives me pertinent information about the person who wishes to serve me. I'm not the type to demand tribute before I get to know someone and this application is the first step.

I also understand that a lot of men are leery of women soliciting their membership on the websites that require payment. However, all that being said...how, in the name of everything kinky, can you say you would be perfect for me if 1) you don't know me and 2) you refuse to complete a simple task?

You haven't said anything to me other than you want to be considered to serve me. I haven't said anything to you other than please complete my application so we may discuss our mutual interests. You don't know me well enough to say you would be perfect for me. What you mean is a woman, any woman, would be perfect to fulfill your wanking fantasies.

I request a simple service because at the top of my list of things I want and need in a servant is ruthless obedience. Do what you are told. Period. The task I set is not dangerous in any way. It will cost you nothing but the time to complete the form and the time it takes you to consider your answer to the two or three deeper questions I ask. I don't require any information that is of a personal nature beyond the email address you have already shared with me.

So please, to the men and women who want to serve ANYONE, consider what you say to the people you petition when you refuse simple services or make assumptions based solely on your own fantasies.

If you are truly interested in serving me, contact me at mistress_isa@outlook.com and be prepared to talk about service and expectations before deciding if we are perfect for one another. Oh, and be ready to fill out my application.

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