Wednesday, April 3, 2013

But I want you to be mean to me...

I tend toward polite interaction with those who do not belong to me and I wonder if these prospective servants mistake my manners for a lack of sadism or evil intent. Let me set the record straight. I am one of the most vicious sadists you may ever have the privilege to meet.

In real-time interaction with bottoms, my favorite thing to hear is, "I want to suffer for you." I then have to ask, "how much," because I will take a bottom to the very edge of their tolerance if they are willing. One of the most intense and exciting scenes I have ever had with a bottom began with the bottom saying to me, "No one has ever made me bleed with a whip." My response was, "Don't tease me."

I can and will be as mean, evil and vicious as our negotiations allow for, but I will not be anything but polite until we have negotiated our interaction. I will not call you names or humiliate you in any way until we have set the boundaries of a power exchange. I will not demand tribute or any service until we have agreed to your position in my life.

I never assume every servant is submissive to every person and therefore I will treat you as an equal until we agree to something else.

What I'm saying in this long-winded explanation is this: Do not mistake the polite initial contact for anything other than what it is. I am fully capable of being and will happily be the most evil and hard-hearted taskmaster you have ever encountered, but not until you are mine.

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