Saturday, March 30, 2013

You want to pay $10 a day for what?

What follows is a brief exchange with a CM contact. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Me: I'm in the midst of something... Let me get back to you in an hour or so. In the mean-time, tell me exactly what you seek, what your limits are and what you expect your service will do for me.

him: What i seek is addiction Ma'am....

You need to have the instincts of a know when and how to make Your grip tighter. it is a mind game...i am seeking addiction so You become my drug, something i can't do without. When it works it is very intense. i hope to achieve this yearn for every minute of interaction with You. it is not about sessions. it is about You keeping Your claws in me in a suttle and persistent way to the point of no return for me. this is not easy. it takes time. it is a hunt in progress. i do have cam but am limited with using it. most of the interaction needs to be by phone or text or im. i don't keep toys regularly but will get what You command. my schedule is not too predicted. i am available a few nights a week and can do some day time in varying hours.this time would be a good time to interact... i will surrender my number to You so You have a way to monitor me at all times...wake me up at night...order me around when i least expect it... it is really a mind game...remember the black octopus lady in the little mermaid? this is what i hope You will be for me.

Me: That was half of what I asked, what do you offer in return for such time-intensive micro-management?

him: how about 75 per week Ma'am?

For shits and giggles, I sent him the link to my application and POOF he disappeared.

What I really want to know is in what universe is this a fair exchange? I get to wake him up at all hours (meaning I have to be awake) come up with interesting and "addicting" interactions and tasks and interact with him on a supposedly unlimited basis for $75 a week? Are you kidding me? My time and wear and tear on my phone are worth more than $75 a week, jackass. You expect top-notch domination and fantasy fulfillment for $10.71 a day?

To that I say, Bite Me. If you want that kind of "value" go to the porn store and buy a DVD off the clearance rack each morning. I bet you'll spend more than $75 a week for that kind of wanking material.

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