Friday, March 22, 2013

Yahoo Messenger Chat with Mistress Isa

First, you must purchase my Yahoo ID

Then follow these rules:

1. Mistress Isa will nearly always be logged in as on invisible.
2. If it is announced on Mistress Isa's blog or twitter account that she will be visible, all supplicants who have access to her chat ID will be expected to pay a tribute. Said tribute will determine the order in which the supplicants will be addressed.
3. Failure to offer tribute will result in a supplicant's chat ID being blocked for the duration of the visible event.
4. If Mistress Isa has not announced a visible chat event, you may approach her online in the following manner:
--First offer a small tribute to gain Mistress Isa's attention (The details here are up to you, but keep her preferences in mind)
--Next respectfully request to speak with Mistress Isa
--Await her permission before continuing to message her.
--Mistress Isa will tell you how long she has to chat with you and you will be expected to sign off at the end of that time.

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in first punishment and penalties and then a banning of your chat ID.

If you have questions about these rules, you may certainly ask them.

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