Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Should You Call Me?

Why would you call me on Niteflirt or via my private phone lines?

I have a NiteFlirt line available in FemDom and FinDom. Either line will bring you into personal contact with me and give you the opportunity to tell someone your deepest, darkest fantasies. I'm here to listen and to help you fulfill as many of your fantasies as I can. I understand the desires you have and I understand how difficult it can be to find a sympathetic ear when you're just beginning to find yourself drawn to these desires. 

I want to hear your desires. If I don't listen, how can I make your fantasies reality? Do you want to be dominated and held in chastity? Say so. Expect me to ask how you feel, and how my domination affects you. Do you want to be financially dominated? Say so. Expect me to share my desires with you, set tasks for you, and thank you for the tributes you give me.

That's right, expect a thank you. Being dominant does not leech all vestiges of polite behavior out of me. It actually means I'm likely to be more formal and more polite.

I can set tasks for you that will require attention to detail and will send me feedback. I can require you to structure your life and offer proof that you have done so. I can and will delve deep into your darkest heart and find ways to fulfill every one of the fantasies you never thought to voice to anyone else. In short, I will be the Mistress you've dreamed of but never dared to hope for. 

Why don't you give me a call now and let me show you how wonderful life under my control can be? 

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Or schedule a call on my personal lines.

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