Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Good Grammar is Sexy

I've been a writer almost all of my life. I love the English language and the ways it can be used and abused. For me, words are like an old, comfortable sweater that always fits, but only if you put it on the right way. Putting your head through a sleeve is never going to be comfortable and neither is receiving a message from a prospective submissive that is riddled with grammatical errors.

I live in words. I use them to share, to manipulate and to praise. If you come to me with broken grammar and spelling, it shows a lack of dedication to something I cherish and prize. Poor grammar in online communication is the equivalent of arriving at a job interview in your boxers and a rainbow clown wig. It is neither appropriate to the situation, nor appreciated by the recipient.

Look, instead, at the beautifully crafted, well-written message. This is the man in the silk shirt, tailored slacks and shoes so well shined you can see yourself in them. This is sexy.

Those who take the time to carefully craft their profiles and messages always attract my attention. Just as the well-dressed man in the grocery store draws my eye. It is a matter of caring enough about your appearance that you put some effort into it. That is sexy.

Care is sexy. Attention to detail is sexy. Words are sexy. And the sexiest words are, "Yes, ma'am."

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