Friday, March 22, 2013

Teamviewer Sessions

For those long-distance online boys who crave control, Teamviewer sessions are perfect. Send me the code and password and I will log in to your computer.

Maybe I'll take you shopping. Perhaps I'll send some emails in your name. Or maybe I'll record you while you perform for me.

I will make no permanent changes to your computer, nor will I transfer any files unless we create them.

If you would like to set up a teamviewer session, fill out the form below and include the following:
-Contact info
-Personal or work computer?
-What is your experience with teamviewer?
-What are your limits?
-Are you okay with being blackscreened?
-Are you okay with Me disabling remote input?
-How able are you to compensate Me financially for My time.
-Are you giving admin powers? If so, what is the administrator password?
-Teamviewer account number/password
-Have you already tributed?

You can email all of this information to me at I will then send you a bill for the type of session you have chosen. Until that bill is paid, you will not hear from me. Period.


  1. User Name:
    Last Online:
     Submissive Male
    Actively Seeking:
    Dominant Women
    Switch Women
    Dom/Domme Couples
    Friends Only
    I have a new version of teamviewer that works on my mobile android cell phone

    Go to
    Type in email
    Password gingin2abcd

    Seeking online mistress for control ownership humiliation micromanagement using teamviewer Skype parental control keylogger email sms phone gps tracking etc.