Saturday, March 30, 2013

You want to pay $10 a day for what?

What follows is a brief exchange with a CM contact. I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

Me: I'm in the midst of something... Let me get back to you in an hour or so. In the mean-time, tell me exactly what you seek, what your limits are and what you expect your service will do for me.

him: What i seek is addiction Ma'am....

You need to have the instincts of a know when and how to make Your grip tighter. it is a mind game...i am seeking addiction so You become my drug, something i can't do without. When it works it is very intense. i hope to achieve this yearn for every minute of interaction with You. it is not about sessions. it is about You keeping Your claws in me in a suttle and persistent way to the point of no return for me. this is not easy. it takes time. it is a hunt in progress. i do have cam but am limited with using it. most of the interaction needs to be by phone or text or im. i don't keep toys regularly but will get what You command. my schedule is not too predicted. i am available a few nights a week and can do some day time in varying hours.this time would be a good time to interact... i will surrender my number to You so You have a way to monitor me at all times...wake me up at night...order me around when i least expect it... it is really a mind game...remember the black octopus lady in the little mermaid? this is what i hope You will be for me.

Me: That was half of what I asked, what do you offer in return for such time-intensive micro-management?

him: how about 75 per week Ma'am?

For shits and giggles, I sent him the link to my application and POOF he disappeared.

What I really want to know is in what universe is this a fair exchange? I get to wake him up at all hours (meaning I have to be awake) come up with interesting and "addicting" interactions and tasks and interact with him on a supposedly unlimited basis for $75 a week? Are you kidding me? My time and wear and tear on my phone are worth more than $75 a week, jackass. You expect top-notch domination and fantasy fulfillment for $10.71 a day?

To that I say, Bite Me. If you want that kind of "value" go to the porn store and buy a DVD off the clearance rack each morning. I bet you'll spend more than $75 a week for that kind of wanking material.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Why Good Grammar is Sexy

I've been a writer almost all of my life. I love the English language and the ways it can be used and abused. For me, words are like an old, comfortable sweater that always fits, but only if you put it on the right way. Putting your head through a sleeve is never going to be comfortable and neither is receiving a message from a prospective submissive that is riddled with grammatical errors.

I live in words. I use them to share, to manipulate and to praise. If you come to me with broken grammar and spelling, it shows a lack of dedication to something I cherish and prize. Poor grammar in online communication is the equivalent of arriving at a job interview in your boxers and a rainbow clown wig. It is neither appropriate to the situation, nor appreciated by the recipient.

Look, instead, at the beautifully crafted, well-written message. This is the man in the silk shirt, tailored slacks and shoes so well shined you can see yourself in them. This is sexy.

Those who take the time to carefully craft their profiles and messages always attract my attention. Just as the well-dressed man in the grocery store draws my eye. It is a matter of caring enough about your appearance that you put some effort into it. That is sexy.

Care is sexy. Attention to detail is sexy. Words are sexy. And the sexiest words are, "Yes, ma'am."

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Why Should You Call Me?

Why would you call me on Niteflirt or via my private phone lines?

I have a NiteFlirt line available in FemDom and FinDom. Either line will bring you into personal contact with me and give you the opportunity to tell someone your deepest, darkest fantasies. I'm here to listen and to help you fulfill as many of your fantasies as I can. I understand the desires you have and I understand how difficult it can be to find a sympathetic ear when you're just beginning to find yourself drawn to these desires. 

I want to hear your desires. If I don't listen, how can I make your fantasies reality? Do you want to be dominated and held in chastity? Say so. Expect me to ask how you feel, and how my domination affects you. Do you want to be financially dominated? Say so. Expect me to share my desires with you, set tasks for you, and thank you for the tributes you give me.

That's right, expect a thank you. Being dominant does not leech all vestiges of polite behavior out of me. It actually means I'm likely to be more formal and more polite.

I can set tasks for you that will require attention to detail and will send me feedback. I can require you to structure your life and offer proof that you have done so. I can and will delve deep into your darkest heart and find ways to fulfill every one of the fantasies you never thought to voice to anyone else. In short, I will be the Mistress you've dreamed of but never dared to hope for. 

Why don't you give me a call now and let me show you how wonderful life under my control can be? 

Call Button

Or schedule a call on my personal lines.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Teamviewer Sessions

For those long-distance online boys who crave control, Teamviewer sessions are perfect. Send me the code and password and I will log in to your computer.

Maybe I'll take you shopping. Perhaps I'll send some emails in your name. Or maybe I'll record you while you perform for me.

I will make no permanent changes to your computer, nor will I transfer any files unless we create them.

If you would like to set up a teamviewer session, fill out the form below and include the following:
-Contact info
-Personal or work computer?
-What is your experience with teamviewer?
-What are your limits?
-Are you okay with being blackscreened?
-Are you okay with Me disabling remote input?
-How able are you to compensate Me financially for My time.
-Are you giving admin powers? If so, what is the administrator password?
-Teamviewer account number/password
-Have you already tributed?

You can email all of this information to me at I will then send you a bill for the type of session you have chosen. Until that bill is paid, you will not hear from me. Period.

A WFM Task Taste

I know many might wonder what the Write For Me tasks are like, so I cooked up one for all to try. All who complete the task will receive my attention. Praise for those who succeed. Punish,ent for those who fail.

Find the task here:

Face Sitting Photo

You know you want to see the rest of that photograph! Click the button and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Yahoo Messenger Chat with Mistress Isa

First, you must purchase my Yahoo ID

Then follow these rules:

1. Mistress Isa will nearly always be logged in as on invisible.
2. If it is announced on Mistress Isa's blog or twitter account that she will be visible, all supplicants who have access to her chat ID will be expected to pay a tribute. Said tribute will determine the order in which the supplicants will be addressed.
3. Failure to offer tribute will result in a supplicant's chat ID being blocked for the duration of the visible event.
4. If Mistress Isa has not announced a visible chat event, you may approach her online in the following manner:
--First offer a small tribute to gain Mistress Isa's attention (The details here are up to you, but keep her preferences in mind)
--Next respectfully request to speak with Mistress Isa
--Await her permission before continuing to message her.
--Mistress Isa will tell you how long she has to chat with you and you will be expected to sign off at the end of that time.

Failure to follow these simple rules will result in first punishment and penalties and then a banning of your chat ID.

If you have questions about these rules, you may certainly ask them.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

A little treat

There are few things I adore more than a slave at my feet. You lay your head against my knee and my fingers sink into your hair. I smile as you fairly purr and press into my cares.
"How may I please you, Mistress," you ask.
I smile and whisper, "In every way that I choose."
--To be continued, perhaps...
Who will off me an incentive to be so generous?

In Need of Pampering

I have had a really horrible few weeks and I need some pampering. I really want a hot stone massage, a manicure and a new hairstyle. Which of my lovely boys is going to be the one to give me these things? Is it you?

It doesn't have to be about humiliation...

I have a different style of domination. I know that. I also know that my style won't work for everyone. What I do know is that for those whom it does work, my style can mean the difference between living a lifestyle they love and leaving one that doesn't fulfill them.

I am not big into humiliation, though it can be a useful tool when used sparingly. Because I prefer thoughtful, intelligent boys in my service, I find that many respond better to courtesy and even kindness than to insults and abuse.

Being courteous or kind does not make me weak. It means I recognize the humanity of those who serve me and allows me to show that I value excellent service. It is only when one who serves me proves that he cannot respond favorably to kindness that I change how I handle him.

Honestly, however, if a servant cannot respond to my more measured, humanity-focused style of dominance, we likely aren't a good fit. I know that I do not want a power struggle with those who serve me, nor do I want them to feel as though what they offer to me in service has no value. That simply isn't the case. As they are fulfilled through service, so too am I fulfilled in accepting their service. It is called power EXCHANGE for a reason.

I know these ideas are contrary to so many in the findom community, but I do not believe that courtesy and dominance are mutually exclusive.

How Lovely!

Today's first tribute. Thank you, boy. I look forward to receiving it.

Thoughts on My Style of Domination

So I thought I would tell you a little about my style of domination.

Humiliation is a fetish many who come to me enjoy. However, understand that it is for the sake of the fetish that I engage in such activities. My style of domination comes from a firm belief in the supremacy of women over men but it is tempered with a respect for all human life.

If you desire to be humiliated, say so. If, however, you feel you deserve a gentler hand, speak up. Belonging to me means many things. Without knowing your heart and soul, we will drift apart quickly...something I do not want.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Adopt My Rent

Help to Keep Me in the Manner to Which I deserve To Live. Adopt my rent because you know I deserve it.

Face Sitting

Are you worthy to be my face seat cushion? Show me.

Would you like to be in this position? I need to know you're interested. How do you think you can be get my attention?
For this type of privilege, something lovely from my wish list would be most appropriate, I believe. What you you think will best get my approval?

Beginning Your Training--Task Number One

This task is designed to show me your ability to follow directions while demonstrating your dedication to serving me.

First, I want you to take a photograph of yourself that shows yourself in a posture you believe I will find appealing. Remember that prefer to see you and your body arranged to please me, not just random photos of your cock.

Email that photo to me directly at I will then use that email to request payment to my Bluebird account. Tell me in the email what you believe my time and attention are worth and I will decide if I agree. If you pay the payment request, I will send you the second task.

Welcome to my domain

You've come here because you want to know me. You want to serve me. You want me to own you. But are you worthy?

I can be the Mistress of your dreams, but only if you are willing to set aside your wants and desires to make mine your priority.

I am a sadistic task-mistress. You will obey because to incur my displeasure is to lose my interest.

If you want to be mine, you may apply to be my slave using the link to the right. I will expect you to compensate me for my time and attention, so do not think you can negotiate the contract with me.

I know you are there...afraid to seek my attention. You will be mine and you will beg to remain with me.